Our Story

Welcome to Powerella!

We’ve taken the concept of beauty from the inside out and amped up the results by creating skincare that works in synergy with our ingestible wellness supplements. 

Beauty is being redefined and no longer confined to your external appearance. Your emotional, mental and physical well-being are just as important to your beauty routine as your skin care. 

Our mission is to provide a holistic approach to beauty, embracing the mind, body and skin. 

Beauty Starts with Wellness

Meet Aimee
The Founder & Chief Green Queen

Aimee Gill is a beauty industry veteran. Starting her career in NYC, she helped build both legacy and new brands with her marketing expertise and passion for product development and ingredient innovation. Love and sunshine brought her to Los Angeles where she found a new passion for nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.  Aimee took a leap of faith and left the corporate world to start her own company, Powerella Beauty + Wellness.

“My interest in nutrition started because I was struggling with an autoimmune disease which causes extreme fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, and breakouts. Lovely, right?! I know to function at my best I must stay on point with nutrition, exercise, and sleep. I’ve spent years researching natural ways to heal so that I can feel energized and improve my skin.”

“The fact is we’re all bombarded with toxins and environmental stressors in our everyday lives that disrupt our health and age our skin.”

“I believe in products that are clean, but they have to work too.”

"I want to change the way we think about aging. In my 20+ years in the beauty industry, a consumer over 40 was never a part of the conversation. In our youth obsessed culture, it simply wasn’t aspirational or cool. I wanted to create a brand that celebrates women, inspires confidence and reimagines midlife and beyond." 

“I wanted the name Powerella to convey the joy that comes from taking care of yourself, that there is a power in wellness.

“I’m so excited to share these products made with ingredients that have truly helped me feel like me again. I’m on a journey to live a beautiful, healthy life and I hope I can help others one scoop at a time!”