No Equipment Power Workout

June 07, 2019

No Equipment Power Workout

Summer is all about being outside, weekend trips and simply enjoying the sunshine. But, you still have to get that workout in, so we’ve come up with one that’s so simple, but will have you feeling like a bikini babe in a flash.

We love body weight workouts that can be done anywhere and give you a full body burn.

Try this at home or on the go, we do it anytime our schedule is bananas and we can’t get to the gym. 


100 Mountain Climbers

90 Squats

80 Sit-ups

70 Lunges

60 Jumping Jacks

50 Push-Ups

40 Ice Skaters

30 Burpees

20 Broad Jumps

10 V-Up’s 


Now you can go back to enjoying your pool float and frose.