Girls We ♥


Where are you from? Burbank, California

What do you do? I am an actress and Crossfit coach.

What is on your workout playlist? A variety of music from rock and dubstep to rap and country. 

Describe your ideal food day: I love bacon and eggs for breakfast, extra bacon. Lunch is either a salad or sandwich (carbs, yum!) and dinner I try to eat any kind of protein and veggies. 

What is your favorite guilty pleasure? Cookies, cupcakes, apple pie, I love it all!

What is in your gym bag? Oly shoes, Reebok Nanos, weight belt, jump rope, wrist wraps, a million lululemon clothes and perfume. 

Must-have beauty items: mascara, eyeliner, and blush.

I feel strong when: I am squatting heavy.

What would your alter ego name be: Scarlett. 


Where are you from? Tucson, AZ

What do you do? I am an actress, Crossfit coach, and a graduate of Cal State Long Beach.

What is your favorite place in LA? Griffith Observatory.

Describe your ideal food day: Breakfast is 2 scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and some fruit, lunch would be ground turkey in marinara sauce on zucchini “pasta” and dinner would be the lemon chicken plate at Joe’s Falafel. 

What is you favorite guilty pleasure? Chocolate chip cookies.

What is always in your gym bag? Tape, my Oly’s, and face wipes. 

Describe your personal style in three words: All. About. Shoes. 

I feel strong when: I surpass my expectations.

What would your alter ego name be: Alayna Summer.