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What makes Sha-Glam! Protein & Beauty Boost different from all the other protein powders out there?

Sha-Glam! is the ONLY Dairy-Free, Soy-Free and Gluten-Free protein powder with replenishing electrolytes, skin beautifying collagen and anti-inflammatory post workout recovery benefits.

Can men use Sha-Glam! Protein & Beauty Boost?

Yes! Absolutely, Sha-Glam! is safe and effective for men and women.

Do you use any artificial flavors or sweeteners?

Nope, and we never will in any Powerella products.

What is the benefit of Egg White protein?

Egg White is a perfect 10! It is a “complete protein” containing all 9 Essential Amino Acids. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals and very high in Leucine, which is depleted during exercise. Our Egg White protein is Dairy and Lactose Free; no whey = no protein shake tummy aches!

What is the benefit of Collagen?

Elastic is Fantastic! Unfortunately, we lose our natural collagen as we age. Skin loses its elasticity and youthfulness but can be brought back to life with Collagen Type I & III. You get the skin beautifying effects of collagen without expensive or painful treatments. Skin will be glowing and hair and nails will be stronger and healthier.

Collagen I & III provides the fundamental building blocks for growth and maintenance of healthy tissues, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and skin. Joint mobility will be improved and stiffness reduced.

Anti-aging inside and out! Collagen is the most important structural protein in the body so drink it up!

Is the collagen derived from animal?

Yes, collagen is a natural substance derived from bovine. Collagen, and specifically bovine-derived collagen, is well accepted by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Our purified collagen ingredient has been tested to be safe and effective as a dietary supplement.

Are your products FDA approved?

Our products are manufactured in a certified cGMP facility (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) that is also licensed by the FDA. Ingredients that are not FDA approved are not even allowed in this facility.

Can I sell Powerella in my gym, box, studio or retail store?

Yes, please visit our Become a Retailer page to get in touch with us.